Inverter AC Motor Controller - ATV320U07M2C
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25 Jun 2020
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Specification of Inverter AC Motor Controller - ATV320U07M2C

Range of product Altivar Machine ATV320
Product or component type Variable speed drive
Product specific application Complex machines
Device short name ATV320
Format of the control block Compact
Product destination Synchronous motors
Asynchronous motors
EMC filter Class C2 EMC filter integrated
IP degree of protection IP20 conforming to IEC 61800-5-1
IP20 conforming to IEC 60529
Degree of protection UL type 1 conforming to UL 61800-5-1 (with conformity kit)
Type of cooling Fanless
Network number of phases 1 phase
[Us] rated supply voltage 200...240 V - 15...10 %
Supply frequency 50...60 Hz - 5...5 %
Motor power kW 0.75 kW for heavy duty
Motor power hp 1.0 hp for heavy duty
Line current 10.0 A at 200 V (heavy duty)
8.4 A at 240 V (heavy duty)
Prospective line Isc 1 kA
Apparent power 2.0 kVA at 240 V (heavy duty)
Continuous output current 4.8 A at 4 kHz for heavy duty
Maximum transient current 7.2 A during 60 s (heavy duty)
Power range 0.75...1.1 kW at 200…240 V, 1 phase (based on load duty)
Asynchronous motor control profile Voltage/frequency ratio, 5 points
Flux vector control without sensor, standard
Voltage/frequency ratio - Energy Saving, quadratic U/f
Flux vector control without sensor - Energy Saving
Voltage/frequency ratio, 2 points
Synchronous motor control profile Vector control without sensor

Speed drive output frequency 0.1…599 Hz
Nominal switching frequency 4 kHz
Switching frequency 2...16 kHz adjustable
4...16 kHz with derating factor
Safety function STO (safe torque off) SIL 3
SLS (safe limited speed)
SS1 (safe stop 1)
SMS (safe maximum speed)
GDL (guard door locking)
Communication port protocol Modbus serial
Optional communication modules Communication module, CANopen daisy chain RJ45
Communication module, CANopen SUB-D 9
Communication module, CANopen open style terminal block
Communication module, EtherCAT RJ45
Communication module, DeviceNet
Communication module, Ethernet/IP
Communication module, Profibus DP V1
Communication module, Profinet
Communication module, Ethernet Powerlink

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