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Welcome to our website.

PT. Anugerah Tricipta Automation is a Systems Integrator Engineering Company in the field of electrical and automation control systems.
We are here to provide good quality, reliable and reliable automation control system solutions.

The vision and mission of our company is as follows,

Being a System Integrator Company in Indonesia that is trusted and has integrity in providing services and products that are of good quality and reliable.

1. Serve customers with good, honest and professional service
2. Providing services and products with good quality and competitive prices
3. Strive for timeliness in the deadline for the supply of goods and project completion
4. Provide solutions and work on the engineering process precisely, neatly and reliably

Company Business Scope:
     - Design and Assembly of Electrical / Control Panels
     - PLC, HMI, SCADA Programming
     - Building Automation System (BAS)
     - Smarthome, CCTV & Security System


The process of working on our ordinary automation control system project starts from survey, electrical design and configuration, then wiring panel installation, PLC programming, HMI, and SCADA. Before sending the panel, a test will be conducted first called the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) to ensure the wiring in the panel is correct and in accordance with the wiring design. If the PLC and HMI SCADA have finished programming, the program will be tested and simulated through a software simulator before finally connecting to the hardware. Commissioning in the field, known as the SAT (Site Acceptance Test), is conducting IO Tests for sensors and actuators that have been connected to the panel. If this stage has been passed, then the simulation will be carried out testing the production process without material, after that only the production running test and the project handover will be conducted.

Entering the industrial era 4.0, we also offer features for remote SCADA Remote Monitoring or commonly known as IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). So users do not have to be on site to check the production process, the number of production days, or tracing data loggers downtime alarms. All of this can be monitored via mobile phone / iPad / Tablet / PC in different locations.

Still related to the IIoT topic, we also offer features for Auto Generate Reporting. Through this feature, information on total production, efficiency, downtime, alarm, and so on can be reported accurately, practically and quickly. The value of the parameter will be automatically saved in the database and the data will be managed to generate a report. The advantage of the Auto Generate Report system is to avoid data manipulation and human error in the process of retrieving and managing data manually, in addition to that the report can be done in real time so as to shorten the time. This report can be accessed anywhere and at any time, of course, also protected with a security password so that only certain people who have been entrusted can access the report.


SmartHome helps you to monitor the status of your home in Real Time, get notifications for unwanted events, and can immediately take "Take Action" through your cellphone. Work integrated with Wireless PIR Sensor (motion sensor), Wireless Door Sensor, Sound Light Siren and other security devices to maintain the security of your home


Fitur Sistem:

1. Wireless System Integration

Every device whether it is a sensor, light switches, sockets, controllers are all integrated wirelessly. With the Wireless System, you don't need to worry because installation is easy, practical and fast without a control panel. All only Replace existing and no need to pull the data cable to the panel.


2. Access anytime and anywhere

After the controller is connected to the internet, then you can monitor and control your home device anytime and anywhere through your Smartphone App (Android & IOS). This system is also integrated with an IP camera so that it helps you monitor live live streaming and even 2-way voice communication.


3. Scheduling

You can easily set your own schedule for groups of devices that you want to turn on or turn off at certain times or days. So that each device will turn on and turn off automatically according to the schedule that has been set.

4. One Key Mode

This feature is to facilitate you just by pressing 1 button to run a number of commands such as Master On, Master Off, Sleep Mode, Morning Mode or Night Mode, etc. You don't need to bother turning off or turning on a number of devices one at a time
5. IFTTT (If .. Then .. Then ..) + ALERT + Data Logger

You can set up the program easily and practically, IF the sensors A or B or C on the trigger THEN will activate a number of devices such as Sirens, Light groups, and so on. In addition you will also be sent Alert Notification to your SmartPhone, and stored in the form of Data Logger (Event name, Date & Time).
We provide TurboHD CCTV and IP CCTV with various models such as:

- Dome (Indoor)
- Bullet (Semi-outdoor, Outdoor)
- PTZ Speed Dome (Pan-Tilt Zoom)

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