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Thinker Geeklink
Thinker Geeklink
Thinker Geeklink
Thinker Geeklink
Thinker Geeklink
Thinker Geeklink
Thinker Geeklink
Thinker Geeklink
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12 Apr 2019
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Specification of

Product name: Thinker
Operation System: OpenWrt
Protocol Standard: IEEE 802.11b / g / n, IEEE 802.3 / 3U
Wifi Power: 20dB (Maximum)
Antenna Type: Built-in Omni-direction Antenna
Network Manager:
- Phone App Management
- WEB Page Management
- Support Free Upgrade Online
Outer Network Link: PPPoE / Wireless Bridge / DHCP / Static IP State
Firmware Interface:
- One self-adaption 100m WAN interface
- One 100m self-adaption LAN interface
- One USB 2.0 interface
Support Security System Device: 315MHz (1527/2262 encoding)
Support Remote Control Types: IR Remote Control (26k - 64k carrier wave) and RF 433MHz and 315MHz
Support IR Code Library: Air-condition, TV, STB (Set Top Box)
Extension Functions:
- Open Wrt common extension
- IO extension module
- USB firmware extension
Power Voltage: 5VDC / 1A
Working Temperature: 0-40'C
Working Humidity: 10% -90% RH (non-condesing)
Phone App: Android & IOS System
Colors: Black, White

1. Compatible with Geeklink new products such as Home Security Alarm System, including Door Sensor, PIR Sensor with feedback function, Scene Switch, Siren Wireless, etc.
2. Able to cover large areas, between floors, multi-host integration
3. Feature Room Management makes it easy to set up various types of remote control devices in applications
4. Monitoring your house via IP Cameras
5. Support functions IFTTT & AND Scene Mode
6. Compatible with various devices InfraRed and RadioFreq




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