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IR Module Smarthome Geeklink
IR Module Smarthome Geeklink
IR Module Smarthome Geeklink
IR Module Smarthome Geeklink
IR Module Smarthome Geeklink
IR Module Smarthome Geeklink
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01 Mar 2019
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The current technology continues to evolve to match the needs of the man himself. As an example of home technology, we gradually certainly want a home that provides a sense of comfort, easier life, and more leisure time. Automation is the answer, Smart home Indonesia allows us to be able to control the equipment at home with wireless networking technology. The humidity of a room can now be controlled by a device called sensor extention that has the specification:

- Extender
- Frequency Parameters: 433MHz / FSK
- Antenna Type: Built-in Antenna
- Function Support: IR Transmit (26k-64k carrier wave), RF Transmit (315 / 433MHz
- Detection of temperature and humidity
- Support Host: Boxlink 3S and Thinker
- Power Supply: 3 battere
- Working Temperature: 0-40'C
- Working Humidity: 10% -90% RH (Non-condensing)


- Works as a slave of Thinker, expanding IR and RF.
- Remote control of IR and RF devices such as Thinker, once done Central
- Detects ambient temperature and humidity.
- Works integrated with Thinker to perform IFTTT functions.
- Elegant design, easy to install and use.
- Power Supply in the form of battery.

PT. An award of Tricipta Automation is a System Engineering Integrator Company in the field of Automation. We also serve Programming PLC, HMI & SCADA and Panel Maker. In addition we are also Supplier of CCTV products and Smart Home Indonesia / Smart House. Thus, we can support you for Factory Automation, Building Automation, Home Automation or Installation of Access Control System. We come with a vision to provide the right, practical, and easy solution for you.

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