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Range of product: Altivar Process ATV600
Product or component type: Variable speed drive
Product specific application: Process and utilities
Device short name: ATV630
Variant: Standard version
Product destination: Asynchronous motors
Synchronous motors
Mounting mode: Wall mount
EMC filter: Integrated EN/IEC 61800-3 category C3 <= 150 m
Integrated EN/IEC 61800-3 category C2 <= 50 m
IP degree of protection: IP21 conforming to IEC 61800-5-1
IP21 conforming to IEC 60529
Degree of protection: UL type 1 UL 508C
Type of cooling: Forced convection
Supply frequency: 50...60 Hz - 5...5 %
Network number of phases: 3 phases
[Us] Rated supply voltage: 380...480 V - 15...10 %
Motor power: 37 kW normal duty
30 kW heavy duty
Motor power: 50 hp normal duty
40 hp heavy duty
Line current: 66.2 A 380 V normal duty
57.3 A 480 V normal duty
54.8 A 380 V heavy duty
48.3 A 480 V heavy duty
Prospective line Isc: 50 kA
Apparent power: 47.6 kVA 480 V normal duty
40.2 kVA 480 V heavy duty
Continuous output current: 74.5 A 4 kHz normal duty
61.5 A 4 kHz heavy duty
Maximum transient current: 82 A 60 s normal duty
92.3 A 60 s heavy duty
Asynchronous motor control profile: Constant torque standard
Variable torque standard
Optimized torque mode
Synchronous motor control profile: Permanent magnet motor
Synchronous reluctance motor
Speed drive output frequency: 0.1...599 Hz
Output frequency: 0.0001...0.5 kHz
Nominal switching frequency: 4 kHz
Switching frequency: 2...12 kHz adjustable
4...12 kHz with derating factor
Safety function: STO (safe torque off) SIL 3
Discrete input logic: 16 preset speeds
Communication port protocol: Ethernet
Modbus serial
Modbus TCP
Option card: Communication module Profibus DP V1 slot A
Communication module Profinet slot A
Communication module DeviceNet slot A
Communication module Modbus TCP/EtherNet/IP slot A
Communication module CANopen daisy chain RJ45 slot A
Communication module CANopen SUB-D 9 slot A
Communication module CANopen screw terminals slot A
Digital and analog I/O extension module slot A/slot B
Output relay extension module slot A/slot B
Communication module Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP/MD-Link slot A
Communication module BACnet MS/TP
Communication module Ethernet Powerlink

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